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If It’s Got an Engine, There’s a Fitch That Fits!

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Examples of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst Delivers a Myriad of Benefits

  1. 5% to 12% fuel economy improvement
  2. Reduces harmful emissions -- "Green" product
  3. Increases horsepower & Torque
  4. Reduces carbon build-up on internal engine components/fuel injectors
  5. Extends engine life/maintenance intervals
  6. Maintenance free after installation
  7. Cars, Medium size trucks, SUV's applications: Warranted for 250,000 miles
  8. Commercial applications: Warranted for up to 500,000 miles or 10,000 hours
  9. Will not void factory warranty

Not sure what application you're looking for, call or email us and we'll be happy to assist you!

How the Fitch Fuel Catalyst Works

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a patented metallic alloy that reformulates fuel prior to combustion. As untreated fuel passes over the catalyst it is rejuvenated into a superior quality fuel allowing any combustion engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. An engine operates most efficiently and produces maximum horsepower and torque when it is running on the highest quality fuel. Gasoline and diesel is at its most optimal quality when it is first refined, but during the process of getting fuel from a refinery to market, the quality of fuel is drastically diminished. Sacrificed horsepower/torque and efficiency of an engine are the result of this poorer fuel quality. A less than optimal fuel will also produce more emissions, soot build up, and deposits in engine oil and injectors. The Fitch Permanent Fuel Treatment will boost octane in gasoline, increase cetane in diesel and re-refine the fuel, returning it to a superior "refinery" fresh state guaranteeing maximum performance and efficiency. Remember, Fitch is not an additive, and requires no maintenance after installation. It is a permanent fuel treatment.

Warranted for 250,000 miles (consumer applications) or 500,000 miles/10,000 operating hours (commercial applications), we guarantee results from your investment or your money back!

A Brief History

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is most certainly not the "latest and greatest thing!" This product was first invented 15 years ago by Dr Alvin Berlin with the sole intent of cleaning emissions. Included in his long list of accomplishments was Dr Berlin's participation on the scientific team that invented the catalytic converter in the year 1975. It's certainly safe to say Dr Berlin knows emissions! He is the head of research for Advanced Power Systems International, which has been marketing the Fitch line of products since the company's inception. The Fitch catalyst holds 10 US Patents. John Cooper Fitch, a world renowned race car driver, racing team leader, engineer, and inventor of the energy absorbing barriers that line our country's highways today is the product's namesake.

Our clients include the Department of Defense, the National Guard, New York City Housing Authority as well as thousands of other satisfied individuals. We also recently received approval from CARB (California Air Resources Board) to advertise, sell, and install Fitch products on gasoline engines from the year 2008 and older in the state of California. If you're not familiar with CARB, they have probably the most stringent approval criteria of any agency in the USA for approval of emission devices. Every Fitch catalyst has the CARB EO # (Executive Order) imprinted on the label.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Oshkosh Pierce E One Crash Rescue
OshKosh Truck Pierce E One Crash Rescue

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Who Is John Fitch

John Cooper Fitch has been a blue-water sailor, a fighter pilot, a test pilot, a professional racing driver, a team manager, race course director, prolific inventor, highway safety expert, automaker, entrepreneur and dreamer. He was active in several technologies including the Fitch Fuel catalyst, which offers any combustion engine 5% to 12% fuel economy improvements and reduces harmful emissions.

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Jay Leno's Interview with John Fitch

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Emission Pollutants

Greenhouse &
Tropospheric Gases
Environmental Impact & Health Risks Avg % Reduction with Fitch
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) a green-house gas, produced by incomplete combustion. Climate Change and carcinogenic.
5 - 12 %
Carbon Monoxide (CO) a toxic by-product of incomplete combustion. Climate Change and carcinogenic.
10 - 30%
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) also a greenhouse gas, which is formed by the interaction between oxygen and nitrogen in high temperatures and pressures found in engine combustion chambers. Contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone & smog.
5 - 18%
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) which contributes to the formation of acid rain, dependent upon sulfur content of fuel (typically low for cars and trucks). Contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone & smog.
5 - 10%
Hydrocarbons which can release CO2 and produce NOx. Climate Change. Contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone & smog and is respiratory irritant.
10 - 50%
Particulate Matter is a complex mixture of airborne particles that differ in size, origin and chemical composition. Contributes to the greenhouse effect & global warming. Exposure may cause heart and lung disease, and may worsen acute and chronic bronchitis and asthma.
5 - 25%